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Fiber Services

OLC Fiber, Incorporated offers  technical services in new build as well as in repair and maintenance of  fiber optic networks.

Our expertise is in splicing and testing OPGW and ADSS cables on transmission lines as well as fiber installation and terminations in Power plants, Substations and Switchyards.

Fiber Optic Splicing – Testing – Documentation


Splicing Services Include:

  • Fusion splicing-Discreet & Ribbon
  • FTTx
  • OPGW
  • ADSS
  • Terminations
  • Field Terminations
  • Mechanical Splicing

Fiber Testing Services

  • Insertion loss measurements
  • Return loss measurements (ORL)
  • Full Fiber Characterization
  • Connector end face inspection
  • Pre and Post construction testing
  • End-to-End, Span Testing, and Reel Testing
  • Troubleshooting & fault locating