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Fiber Testing

Without a doubt the most important part of any project is the fiber testing and documentation. While testing ensures optimal network performance, based on calculated loss budget, the documentation provides a detailed view of every point in the network including things like the cabling routes, types and counts of fiber in each cable, connection diagrams and insertion loss test results.

As network speeds and bandwidth demands increase certification of fiber networks is more important than ever. Along with these forces comes new IEEE, TIA/EIA, or ISO/IEC standards of testing. Today’s industry standards encompass 5 different ways of testing a fiber optic network which may include up to 3 different ways for insertion loss and 2 ways to use an OTDR for testing.

Reliable test documentation all comes down to attention to detail and knowing the network you’re testing. This is a critical part of the documentation process we mentioned earlier. This requires the technician having the knowledge, right test equipment, detailed knowledge of installation and application standards, and the ability to document the test results.

OLC Fiber is an industry leader in fiber optic testing and documentation, with a wide range of knowledge to inspect, verify, certify and troubleshoot any fiber optic network. Call us today!