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About OLC Fiber Inc.

A leading service provider of fiber optic splicing and testing for the Utility industry, OLC Fiber, Inc., a Denver based fiber optic splicing contractor, is a key enabler of broadband communication solutions and knows what it takes to get the job done.

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Providing unparalleled quality, service and attention to detail, our experience is vast in the installing and use of products from vendors like Corning Cable Systems, AFL, Panduit, OCC, General Cable, Preformed Line Products, Tyco Electronics, and 3M.

Our activities includes modernizing our clients power grids and electrical systems and other critical infrastructure by upgrading their substations, switches and generation plants from legacy technology into a digitally controlled and real-time information network.

We are committed to exceeding our customers expectations and are uniquely qualified to provide unsurpassed service and attention to detail. We have years of experience and follow strict guidelines to insure the quality and safety of our work.

From small jobs to large scale projects we give every customer the quality and service the expect and deserve by making sure the job is done correctly, on time and at a fair price.

From time to time you may see information posted to this site. It is meant for our customers as well for general consumption. This information may contain procedures for specific equipment, recommendations, and resources on where to get the training to become a fiber optic technician.

We work on many different types of fiber optic projects and realize that there are thousands of folks that are interested in today’s fiber networks and would like to learn more. So we want to share our experiences in hopes it can help someone that is currently in the industry or wanting to start working in the field of fiber optics.

Delivering the most knowledgeable, cost effective fiber optic splicing, testing and documentation in the business.

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